Sunday, May 29, 2011


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  1. Heya!

    Looking pretty good so far!

    I gotta few crits for ya if thats alright. I'm having a lot of trouble with his waist/hip twist. I am expecting his left leg to be the one more forward if he was turning to the right. If his eyes are looking right, his legs should also be facing that way. Especially as he's reaching for his dagger. See what i did there?

    Also as he's going for his dagger, i dont know why he's making with the live long and prosper on his glove. Its a bit unnatural. We dont need to see his thumb to know its there, so his fingers should all be together or more lined up.

    His armour is looking really good, though it could use thickening up in a few places so as to not look flimsy. His shirt is looking thicker than the arm plates.

    All the best!
    (We so would have beaten you at shuffleboard if we hadn't been kicked off the table!)