Sunday, May 29, 2011


Thief color #6

Another update. Noodling and doodling without addressing one issue - the need to sort layers and paint another layer mask. bleh... I also need to have a proper look at that supporting hand, it looks like crap at the moment.

gnoll update

Umber hulk update #5

More umberness. Didn't touch mr. kissyface much, just faffed about in the background. I'm still not sure if i like the extra shrooms or not. (That blotch of blue in the top left is for color picking, and should be disregarded.)

Friday, May 27, 2011

Gnoll sketch + some coloring

Umber hulk update #4

Fiddled around with it some more. Still not sure about the background, but i'll have to sleep on it. I think this is closing in on finished, since I kind of like the roughness of it.
Tried to make his left hand make sense, without much luck. Messed around with his leg brace(?) some.

Thief color #5

A tiny tiny bit of progress. I was distracted during this round, so i didn't really do a whole lot. Not really worth a blog post, but since we're doing show and tell i kind of have to!

more coloring

Got rid of the yellow haze he was standing in, and tried to block in a city scape. Crudely tilted his head a bit to the left. A little less awful, I think. Long ways to go, though.

Thief color #4

More progress on the color. Put some more warmth into the primary light, it was supposed to be torchlight after all.. I think I have to give in and look up some reference for the pants and the curtains, I'm not liking either at the moment..

And yes, the branding on the pants is a joke.


...and some colors.

Thief color #3

More progress, nudging away here and there, touched upon the background a little more. I started the curtains, they currently look like shite, but I'll fix them eventually.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Umber hulk update again.

PINK! PINK EVERYWHERE! I went a little crazy with the pink, i will have to tone that down. In other news: I started the background!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Umber hulk update.

Bla bla bla.

Thief color #2

More painting.

Thief color #1

first pass for the colors, gonna paint over the lineart from here on out.

Thief sketch done

Some more faffing about on the sketch, just wanting to get to the painting at this stage. I'm not a big fan of sketching, and if there are mistakes I'll fix them during painting instead. (Perhaps not the smartest way, but the most fun!)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

So, the Bone doctor and myself decided to set a goal for the summer to land some freelance work at wizards of the coast, a long time favorite for both of us. For me personally that company is largely responsible for me getting into art as a career in the first place.

The two first challenges we gave ourselves were a Icewind Dale/Baldur's Gate style character portrait, and a monster illustration such as one might find on a M:TG card.

Here's the first couple steps of my attempts, a human thief sketch, and an umber hulk sketch + first step of the painting: