Thursday, June 30, 2011


Bunny and friend ready to fuck shit up.
Another dud. Well, back to work!

(Oh, and those aren't my brushes I've used for texture. They're barontieri brushes.)

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

assassin 3

Continued blocking in colors.
Where's Andy?

assassin 2


Cleric 2

Figured out the background. Not sure if I'll keep the rough brushwork, or render it out more. We'll see. For now i have a context to choose her colors from.

assassin sketch

New character! Something like this. Have to work out that fore-shortening on her arm...

Cleric 1

Starting a new character. Messy messy crap sketch, but it has most of the elements I wanna include, so I'll stick to it.


Yeah, um, Goblin Warlord. More like a samurai I guess.


Here's a quick warmup before we start today's round. "Goblin Warlord."

I was making dinner simultaneously, so it's a bit sloppy. I put about 30 minutes into it.

Monday, June 27, 2011

fighter FINAL

We decided to call it quits for this one. Not to pleased with it but hey, there's always the next one!

Thief FINAL!

Finished! I might come back and touch it up a bit after some weeks, but for now I'm calling this DONE. Fairly happy with how it turned out, even tho I'm sick at looking at his ugly face.. :P

fighter update

Not much progress here..

Thief color #18

I'm done with this pretty soon! There's still a lot of things I'm not quite happy with, but I'm getting pretty sick of this piece..

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

fighter update

Ran into TONS of trouble trying to paint the cobbled street. A lot of back and forth, but this is what I ended up with.

Thief color #14

More stuff..

Sorry, had to post this..


fighter update

Bigger head, nose and mouth! And some other small adjustments to his sword, gloves and tunic.

Thief color #13

More stuff.. Curtains next? We'll see. Maybe pants.

fighter update

Blocked in some buildings in the background. Lost track of the horizon line, so I'll have to make some adjustments.

Thief color #12

Yay. Totally overworked that boot. But it was fun.

fighter update

A little cleanup. Next up I think I've to do something about the sword.

Thief color #11

A little more productive this round. Worked on shoes, a little bit on the torso, (still haven't found reference for that bit..) and all around cleanup here and there. Feeling more optimistic than i did last round.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

gnoll update

Tried to fix his knee, but couldn't make sense of it. Worked on his snout.

I guess the cloth between his legs make it seem like they're too far apart. Gotta fix that!

Umber hulk update #8

Dunno of there's any noticeable differences, but here's the update for what it's worth.

fighter update

Tiny update. Made his leg brace shorter. Tried to sharpen up some edges. Also made the mid-levels slightly lighter, the previous versions looked a bit dark, but I might be wrong.

Kind of at a loss as what to do...

Thief stuff..

I don't even wanna call this an update. Cleaned up stuff, now i only have 4 layers, character, background, curtains and knife. I also painted and deleted 10 different curtains.. Very frustrating, i don't even wanna show this. But them's the rules. The solution is staring me in the face tho, just get some goddamn reference... :P Drapery here i come.

Hey, at least i didn't noodle at any insignificant details... :P

Monday, June 20, 2011

fighter update

Not much of an update... More pants/shoes painting.

Thief color #11

Next round I'll be painting zoomed all the way out. No more noodling details until I've taken care of the larger issues!

Thief color #10

Allright, this noodly doodly BS has to stop. I need to sit down and deal with the issues that i keep dodging around. I concentrated most of my efforts around the face this time around, so here's a closeup of that area.

fighter update

Made changes to his gloves and shoes. Tried to fix his face, without much luck.

fighter update

Realized it looked like he was wearing a one-piece. Awful. So I changed his clothes a little bit.

Thief color #9

not a whole lot of progress, trying to fix that hand on the ledge + other tweaks here and there.

Friday, June 10, 2011

...and another one.

gnoll update

Lagging a little behind, over here. Spent most of the time sharpening up the edges. Blocked in the foot (paw)... Looks a bit weak!

Have to do something about his stomach/chest... It irks me!

Umber hulk update #7

General polish, no dramatic developments anywhere.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Adjusted his right foot a little. Tried to render the fur and leather better.

fighter update

Thanks again, Darylynn!
I think his feet look a little bit better at least.
Perhaps I sould work some more on the background.

...and, it took some work but, he's no longer a lefty!

Thief color #8

Another update where it looks like i did absolutely nothing. I did tho, you just need to zoom in to see it! :P Still dodging around the issue of the curtains, trying to think of how to solve it properly. I'm thinking a heavier, darker curtain on top of the translucent one. We'll see.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

fighter update

Thanks for the feedback Darylynn!

I think I have to do something about those legs. They look pretty awkward.

Thief color #7

Not a whole lot of visual changes, spent a lot of time fixing layers, masks and stuff like that. But there's also some polish in there, like on his shoulder armor thingy.

GNOLL update

Not much of an update, but thems de rules. Tried to work some cooler colors into the shadowy parts of his chest. Added some occlusion shadows.

Umber hulk update #6.5

Got back to the monster itself now, started tightening up things. Can't really see much change at screen rez tho, which means i should really zoom out and think a little bigger. Trying out some new stuff for the feet, not quite there yet.

gnoll update